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           We all know that horses were participating in various human activities since the down of human kind, and they followed us through most of wars, conquers and victories. Besides being involved in our conflicts, horses belonged to our everyday lives in the way that they were used as help in many kinds of chores and tasks. Luckily for horses, those days are over, in most parts of the world at least. There are still some geographical regions where horses do all the heavy work, but large portions of civilized world are using machines and modern tools instead of horse power.

            However, horses did not completely disappear from our lives, since we found new ways in which we can interact with them and be in touch with these magnificent animals. They are nowadays used in sports, such as polo or rodeo, but there are many other forms of equestrian activities, and horses now have a much better status and people sometimes consider them as a part of their family. One of the activities which is very popular in recent years is horseback riding, and this is usually performed on marked or unmarked trails through forests and nature. This form of riding has many benefits for the rider and for the horse as well, and many stables and resorts offer horseback riding through their area as a form of group activity which can be relaxing and therapeutic in the same time.


  Horseback riding through lovely scenery offers a chance to ride the horse in an atmosphere where there is no pressure to perform, since this type of riding is not a competition and riders can do whatever they want. Since there is no stress to perform, riders usually indulge in social interaction, and this is another important benefit of this kind of riding. Horse enthusiasts can meet and get to know each other, and friends and family can also enjoy while being involved in a riding session. Also, important advantage of this kind of riding is the fact that it is usually performed in nature, and that fresh air and picturesque landscape can be used to “fill your batteries”.

          horsebackRiding  Of course, riding a horse is not so simple and easy, so this activity requires some physical effort, which is also beneficial to people who are in need of training and recreation. Balance is especially important while being on such a powerful animal, and this means that your core muscles are under stress and that they have to work to keep you in position. If you ride your horse in a faster pace, then your body will need more air and this can even be a good cardio exercise. Additionally, horse back riding is very good for the horses as well, since they need the occasional walk to maintain their strength and overall health.

            There are many companies that offer organized rides and provide access to marked trails, and though it may not be so easy to decide which is the top company in Bozeman, all riders are encouraged to try as much of them as possible and to enjoy riding through beautiful scenery and peaceful environment.

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